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Eric works as a live-performance and studio multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, piano and other retro-keyed instruments.

He can be seen playing with artists such as Barney Bentall, John Mann, Jim Byrnes, Karen Lee Batten and Sean Hogan.

Eric has backed other artists including Jim Cuddy, Bill Henderson, Wayne Lavallee, Victoria Banks, Melanie Dekker, Tom Taylor, Angela Harris, Dayna Manning, Devin Cuddy, Neil Osborne, Leslie Alexander, One More Girl... And bands including She Stole My Beer, the bluegrass group The High Bar Gang, and Barney Bentall's Grand Cariboo Opry – with Ridley Bent, Dustin Bentall, Matt Masters, Leeroy Stagger, Kendel Carson and many other great Canadian artists.

Eric also spent a few years touring with the Celtic/bluegrass-ish group Tiller's Folly and, well anyway, there are lots of others but that's really enough for now…

“I try to connect to what the singer is putting out on a core level, beyond just the music, and then the music just happens – but it seems to be larger than the sum of the two, four or ten people onstage or on the studio floor.”




We camped out at the Warehouse for a few days and recorded Barn's and Tom Taylor's albums in one go. Good times and mostly off the floor – vox and all. Barn is an accomplished and particularly grounded artist who is very good at leading his crew of musicians through a dynamic performance, such that the performance is larger than the sum of the musicians. We play together often and each time a voice in my head says, "Yessss! This is why I play music!" The talented Sheldon Zaharko engineered and mixed the album, although I engineered a few overdubs back at Barn's place. I played electric guitar on this track.

Angela has that beautiful outback-Chilcotin character-quality to her voice, which just reels you in and keeps you there 'til she's done. I played electric guitars and Hammond on this track. Good times with good friends! (Co-produced by Angela and me)

When I heard the album Mule by She Stole My Beer (back in the ‘90's) I was like, “Yeah, that's it, that's the sound, man!” Tom is the frontman of the band so I was totally stoked when he asked me to play on the beds of his most recent solo album, Pull Over Here. There's a rough, yet clear quality to his vocal that just draws you in – and his tunes are so very musical. Barn, Geoff Hicks, Rob Becker and Tim Hopkins rounded out the sessions with particularly musical interpretations of Tom's material. (Produced by Barney Bentall)

One of my favourite Sean Hogan tracks, on which I played slide guitar and mandolin. In addition to being a gas to work with, Sean is an incredible and prolific tune-smith with an excellent voice to back it all up. He's also one of my closest buds. (Produced by Rick Hutt and the Big Sean-er)















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