“I care most about quality and the efficiency of process with which quality inherently accompanies. A classic Neve is untouchable when it comes to capturing music coming off the floor.”


Eric re-conditioned the classic Neve 8078 mixing console currently operating at ElectraSonic Sound Recording Studio

The transformer-based console is considered to be one of the best analog desks made. It was hand-built in the mid-70’s and he re-conditioned it (with Hoke’s backing) singlehandedly – the days of a team of techs working-over a console are fading into the past.

Now that Eric has learned the console’s inner workings at a component level, the Neve 8078 has become somewhat of an extension of the back of his hand.

He has also designed, modified and built various tube compressors, pre-amps and microphones, which are used on most of the sessions he engineers because they sound so damn good (“What can I say, they just do!”).



Photo by Ken G Stewart
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